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About Scythe and Rose Society

The Scythe and Rose Society is a guild dedicated to the celebration of the Gilnean way of life. The Society has three main goals: reclamation of Gilnean lands, preservation of Gilnean culture, and finally improvement of Gilnean relationships with the rest of the Alliance. We accept all citizens of the Alliance as we cannot accomplish the third goal by excluding those who we seek to improve relations with. S&RS is made up of two main branches that are connected to form the guild. The Citizenry branch of S&RS holds regular events that are central to Gilnean culture while the Militia branch of S&RS sets out on regular campaigns with the intent of reclaiming Gilnean lands.

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Midsummer Fire Festival Ball

by Arienore Bennet, 272 days ago

Hey everyone! Our ball is coming up! Please visit the forum on WoW's website and bump my post so we can get some interest from the public!! 

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